A dignified and traditional academic celebration with a modern approach.

The Åbo Akademi University Doctoral Conferment Ceremony 2022

The conferral ceremony represents the most esteemed of academic traditions, where individuals who have attained their doctoral degrees are formally inducted as doctors.

This is how it was done

  • The doctoral conferment ceremony was held at three different locations in Turku: the concert hall, the Turku Cathedral, and the event venue Logomo. The event was recorded and was available for viewing via a live stream.
  • 90 doctors, 13 honorary doctors, and 8 jubilee doctors.

“Many thanks to Aboa for the familiar and close collaboration at the Åbo Akademi University Doctoral Conferment Ceremony. Together with their partners, they do highly professional work. They are always one step ahead, and the schedules are kept. They come up with creative solutions, which are hen tailored to the customer’s needs. I can wholeheartedly recommend Aboa for various types of events – we tell them what we want, and they make it happen.”

Pia-Maria Kallio
Regional manager Research services
Åbo Akademi University

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