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About us

Aboa Events is a comprehensive, experienced, and forward-thinking event producer. We are committed to delivering added value to our clients’ events. Our approach is to combine solid experience with creativity and adventurous spirit of innovation.

The predecessor of Aboa Events, the Congress Office of the University of Turku, began its operations as early as 1992. As a result, we have amassed over 30 years of experience in organising congresses across various fields of knowledge. While we specialise in scientific and educational events, we adeptly organise any type of events.

Who are our clients

  • Congresses and conferences
  • Dinners, celebrations, and activities
  • Citizen discussion events
  • Student recruitment events
  • Expert seminars
  • Workshops and meetings
  • Academic year openings at educational institutions
  • Doctoral conferment ceremonies


Sustainability, quality, and values are the foundation of our operations – both now and in the future. This entails promoting sustainable solutions in all our working methods.

In the production of events, safety must always be the top priority. Aboa Events’ objective is to consistently select a responsible event venue that allows for low-emission travel and is accessible to all.

Aboa Events is committed to being a safe employer and fostering a responsible work environment. We identify genuine expertise and extensively leverage local vendors and services. Our event logistics are planned with a focus on environmental sustainability. We actively reduce food waste and single-use items. We prioritize high-quality products that can be reused.

In our event materials, we are continuously making a significant transition towards recycled products and digital versions.

Experienced team

The Aboa Events team consists of experienced and creative professionals in event production, conference management, marketing, and communication. Our operation is founded on a collaborative approach, open and straightforward communication, and the shared dedication of all team members working towards a common goal.

Aboa Events collaborates with trusted professionals in the fields of meetings, marketing, communication. Our goal is to unite people and technology, creating inspiring and interactive event experiences.

Contact us

Contact us

Gunilla Sjöberg
Events Director
+358 40 515 153

Tina Ahonen
Senior Event Manager
+358 40 725 3538