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Aboa Events – A creative and reliable congress and event organiser


Our services

Aboa Events designs and customizes the setting for a diverse range of events, spanning from scientific conferences to educational events, dinners, and celebrations. Our goal is to orchestrate high-quality events, ensure seamless arrangements and deliver positive and memorable experiences, whether in person or virtually. As a professional event services provider, we oversee all operational aspects, including conceptualization, budget management, marketing, registration and payment processes, and the entire spectrum from execution to monitoring and reporting.

A successful event is the culmination of careful consideration and countless details, with each moment carrying significance. Through our innovative event concepts, we seek to pleasantly surprise the participants and provide them with an enhanced experience.

About us

A dedicated and highly skilled team is the cornerstone of Aboa Events’ services. We value the power of building connections and effectively bringing people together. We attentively listen, craft tailor-made solutions, and use our expertise to always offer the services of the highest standards.

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We have organized events of various scales across Finland. Our goal is to consistently deliver memorable experiences that surpass both the participants’ expectations and the organizers’ goals. We invite you to explore our work and draw inspiration!

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Case: ESEB 2019

Academic Professor Craig Primmer, in collaboration with the evolutionary biologists at the University of Turku, organised the ESEB2019 congress in Turku, at Logomo, without compromising the principles of sustainable development.


Case: Europe Forum

The Europe Forum is Finland’s leading European political discussion platform and an annual political season opener held in Turku, where Finland’s role in Europe and the European Union is contemplated.


Case: The Åbo Akademi University Doctoral Conferment Ceremony 2022

The conferral ceremony represents the most esteemed of academic traditions, where individuals who have attained their doctoral degrees are formally inducted as doctors.