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The future of conferences and events: trends shaping the sector

Welcome to Aboa Insights! Here, our team members explore the trends shaping the conference and events industry. Hybrid and virtual events are making a comeback. We’re also excited about how AI is transforming the industry. In addition to AI developments, sustainable conferences and events will become increasingly important as they create meaningful experiences and hopefully reduce the no-show phenomenon.

The return of hybrid and virtual events

After a year where physical events dominated the event landscape, hybrid and virtual event formats are gaining a firmer foothold. These events are no longer just temporary solutions on account of the pandemic but represent a lasting change. They increase accessibility, reduce climate impact and facilitate engagement.

AI in events: efficiency in planning and reporting

In future events, event professionals will use AI in both creative and administrative processes, leading to more efficient planning and reporting, among other things. Technology solutions are increasingly being integrated into event production to create sustainable conferences and events.

The core of sustainable development: ecological, social and economic aspects

At the heart of all types of events – virtual, physical or hybrid – the pulse of sustainability is beating strong. In the future, we will see more and more certified events that consider the environmental, social and economic aspects of sustainability.

A sustainable event is much more than locally produced vegetarian food and disposable containers. We strive for total solutions where recycling, responsible work communities, hybrid production, openness, transparency and cost-effectiveness are guiding principles. By integrating sustainability and technology into future processes, we aim not only to reduce our environmental impact, but also to inspire others to make similar choices for a more sustainable future. We strive to make every conference and event meaningful for participants. We measure the participant experience and learn from their feedback. A professionally and sustainably managed process from event planning to reporting will also help address the no-show phenomenon.

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– We at Aboa Events

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